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2017 Meetings


Below is a list of board, commission, and committee meeting information, based upon applicable schedules. All meetings are regular except where noted. Agendas are posted to this site once prepared, usually within a few days to a week before the date of the meeting. Minutes are posted to this site once approved by the respective board, commission or committee at a subsequent meeting and signed, usually within a few weeks to a month after the date of the meeting. Videos are posted to this site once recorded, usually within a day or two after the date of the meeting. Videos on this site are embedded into the site, with no downloading required, but can also be downloaded for remote viewing. If you have any difficulty accessing any document or viewing any video on this site, please contact Township Hall. See bottom of page for links to prior year meeting information.

            2017 Board of Trustees (WS = Work Session; GS = General Session)

02/01/2017  Agenda   Minutes  (no audible video recording)  
02/15/2017  Agenda  Minutes  GS Video   
03/15/2017  Agenda  Minutes  GS Video 1 of 2   GS Video 2 of 2    
05/03/2017  Agenda   Minutes  WS Video
05/17/2017  Agenda  Minutes  GS Video  
05/31/2017 Special  Agenda  Minutes  Video 
06/07/2017  CANCELLED  
06/21/2017  Agenda  Minutes  GS Video  
07/19/2017  Agenda  Minutes  GS Video
08/02/2017  Agenda   Minutes  WS Video  
08/09/2017 Special  Agenda  Minutes  no video available 
08/16/2017  Agenda  Minutes  GS Video
09/06/2017  Agenda  Minutes  WS Video  
09/20/2017  Agenda   Minutes  GS Video  
09/27/2017 Special  Agenda  Minutes  WS Video  
10/03/2017 Special  Agenda  Minutes  (no video) 
10/18/2017  Agenda   Minutes  GS Video  
11/01/2017  Agenda  Minutes  WS Video  
11/15/2017  Agenda  Minutes  GS Video  
11/21/2017 Special  Agenda  Minutes  Video (no video)  
12/06/2107  Agenda  Minutes  WS Video  
12/20/2017  Agenda  Minutes  GS Video  
12/22/2017 Special  Agenda  Minutes  Video   
2017 Records Commission


            2017 Zoning Commission

01/10/2017  Agenda  Minutes  Video 1 of 2  Video 2 of 2
02/07/2017  Agenda  Minutes Video
04/04/2017  Agenda  Minutes  Video  
05/09/2017  Agenda  Minutes  Video 1 of 2  Video 2 of 2  

05/30/2017 Special  Agenda  Minutes  Video 1 of 2  Video 2 of 2  
07/11/2017  CANCELLED
08/01/2017  Agenda  Minutes  Video
10/03/2017  CANCELLED 
11/14/2017  Agenda  Minutes Video  
            2017 Board of Zoning Appeals

01/10/2017  Agenda   Minutes   Video  
02/07/2017  CANCELLED
04/04/2017  Agenda  Minutes   Video  
05/09/2017  CANCELLED 
07/11/2017  CANCELLED
08/01/2017  CANCELLED 
10/03/2017  CANCELLED 
11/14/2017  Agenda   Minutes  Video

2017 Joint Economic Development District (JEDD) Board of Directors (meetings rotate location - video available only when meetings are held at Township Hall)

03/07/2017  Agenda  Minutes
06/06/2017  Agenda  Minutes  Video
09/05/2017  Agenda  Minutes 
12/05/2017  Agenda  Minutes  Video  

            2017 Twin-Keystone Water District (TKWD) Board of Trustees

03/07/2017 Agenda  Minutes  Video
06/06/2017 Agenda  Minutes  Video
09/05/2017 Agenda  Minutes  Video
10/03/2017 Special  Agenda  Minutes  Video 
12/05/2017 Agenda  Minutes  Video

2017 Community Relations Board (meetings rotate location)


Prior Year Meetings


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