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Below is a list of recent by type, including special meeting notices, meeting cancellation notices, bid notices, request for proposal notices, request for qualification notices, legal notices, and other notices.  Dates next to special meeting and meeting cancellation notices refer to meeting dates.  Dates next to bid, request for proposal, and request for qualification notices refer to due dates.  Dates next to legal and other notices vary, but usually refer either to meeting or publishing dates.  Because notices are typically date-sensitive, only those notices within 90 days of the date of last update listed at the bottom of this page will be posted.  Please contact Township Hall for copies of older notices, as well as with any notice-related questions.  The Township will make every effort to post new notices to this site when they are created.

Special Meeting Notices


05/11/2016 Board of Trustees 
07/26/2016 Board of Trustees 
08/09/2016 Board of Trustees 
09/20/2016 Board of Trustees 
10/18/2016 Board of Trustees 
09/27/2017 Board of Trustees 
10/03/2017 Board of Trustees 
11/21/2017 Board of Trustees 
12/22/2017 Board of Trustees 
01/12/2018 Board of Trustees 
01/31/2018 Board of Trustees 
04/04/2018 Board of Trustees 
06/12/2018 Board of Trustees 
07/10/2018 Board of Trustees 
07/31/2018 Board of Trustees 
01/09/2019 Board of Trustees  
09/17/2020 Zoning Commission 
12/21/2023 Board of Trustees  
06/05/2024 Board of Trustees  

Meeting Cancellation Notices

05/03/2016 Zoning Commission 
05/04/2016 Board of Trustees 
08/02/2016 Zoning Commission 
08/17/2016 Board of Trustees 
09/21/2016 Board of Trustees 
07/11/2017 Zoning Commission 
10/03/2017 Zoning Commission 
06/06/2018 Board of Trustees 
08/14/2018 Zoning Commission 
04/07/2020 Zoning Commission  
06/02/2020 JEDD Board 
05/11/2021 Zoning Commission 

Bid Notices


                            04/05/2017 2002 Chevy 2500 LS 4 x 4 with plow Auction  
                           04/05/2017 2000 Chevy Blazer LS 4 x 4 with plow Auction
                           03/16/2022 Twinsburg Heights Allotment Road Improvement Project Phase 18
                           08/24/2022 North/East/South Park Road Roadway Improvement Project

Request for Proposal Notices



Request for Qualification Notices



Legal Notices

01/05/2021 Zoning Commission_IMU_Amendment (Public Hearing Cancelled)
08/10/2021 Zoning Commission_Tynes_Farm_SRD (Public Hearing Cancelled)
10/13/2021 Board of Trustees_Senior_Housing_Amendment  (Public Hearing Cancelled)
05/10/2022 Zoning Commission_ IMU_Amendment (Public Hearing Cancelled)
Other Notices



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