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Below is a list of 2022 board, commission, and committee resolutions. Digits to the left of the dash refer to the order in which the resolution was introduced, and digits to the right of the dash refer to the year in which the original resolution was acted on. All resolutions are original except where amendments are noted. Resolutions are listed by resolution number, with amended resolutions listed after the corresponding original resolutions. Resolutions are amended after the original resolution is acted on, so the order below is not chronological by date. Prior year resolutions are included on this list only if amended or otherwise acted on in the current year. Resolutions are posted to this site once acted on at a meeting and signed, usually one to two weeks after the date of the meeting. Resolutions with exhibits are posted for those pertaining to fiscal matters (appropriations, purchase orders, etc.). Copies of all resolutions and exhibits are available at Township Hall. See bottom of the page for links to prior year legislation.  
2022 Board of Trustees Resolutions  
17-99 As Amended  Zoning Text Amendment -- IMU District 
76-20 As Amended  Township Hall Improvements  
76-21 As Amended  Property Purchase (Enterprise Parkway)   
78-16 As Amended #4  Brokerage Agreement (Enterprise)  
01-22  Organizational 
01-22 As Amended  Organizational   
02-22  Recreation Center Program 
02-22 As Amended  Recreation Center Program   
03-22  Senior Center Program  
04-22  Senior Transportation Program  
05-22  Legal Services 
05-22 As Amended  Legal Services   
06-22  Purchase Orders  
07-22  Community Garden Program  
08-22  Intent to Sell -- Internet Auctions  
09-22  County Engineer 2022 Road Program  
10-22 Coalition of Large Ohio Urban Townships (CLOUT) 
11-22  Appropriations  
12-22  Purchase Orders  
13-22  Then and Now Purchases 
14-22  Appropriations  
15-22  Purchase Orders  
16-22  Then and Now Purchases  
17-22  NOPEC Grant  
18-22  Retreat at Liberty Lakes Street Lighting Assessment (Phase 1)
19-22  Retreat at Liberty Lakes Street Lighting Assessment (Phase 2)  
20-22  Support of West Creek Conservancy Grant Funding  
21-22  Appropriations  
22-22  Purchase Orders  
23-22  Then and Now Purchases
24-22  Appropriations  
25-22  Purchase Orders  
26-22  Then and Now Purchases   
27-22  Public Records Training Designee  
28-22  Heights Allotment Road Reconstruction Phase 18 
29-22  Ditch Mower Purchase 
30-22  Hadden Road Speed Limit  
31-22  Enterprise Parkway Roadway Easement 
32-22  7957 Darrow Road, LLC Settlement Agreement 
33-22  Appropriations (supplemental)  
34-22  Purchase Orders  
35-22  Then and Now Purchases  
36-22  Property Breach of Contract  
37-22  Emergency Demolition (Stow Road) 
38-22  Appropriations 
39-22  Purchase Orders 
40-22  Then and Now Purchases 
41-22  OPWC Grant Application Heights Allotment Phase 21 
42-22  OPWC Grant Application Heights Allotment Phase 22 
43-22  OPWC Grant Application Heights Allotment Phase 23 
44-22  OPWC Grant Application Heights Allotment Phase 24 
45-22  Appropriations  
46-22  Purchase Orders  
47-22  Then and Now Purchases  
48-22  OPWC Grand Application Kensington/Ridgetop Repairs Phase 3 
49-22  Emergency Boarding (1850 Twinsburg Road) 
50-22  Appropriations  
51-22  Purchase Orders  
52-22  Then and Now Purchases  
53-22  Special Assessments  
54-22  Pitney Bowes Postage Meter Lease  
55-22  Appropriations  
56-22  Purchase Orders  
57-22  Then and Now Purchases  
58-22  ODNR Forestry Grant Application   
59-22  Tax Incentive Review Council Recommendations 
60-22  Western Reserve Conservance Aggreement  
61-22  North/East/South Park Road Roadway Improvement Project  
 2022 Board of Zoning Appeals Resolutions
     01-22  Riperian Variance - 1402 Enterprise 

2022 Joint Economic Development District Board of Directors Resolutions  
    01-22  Public Records Policy 
2022 Twinsburg Township Water District Board of Trustees Resolutions  
  18-07 As Amended  Public Records Policy  
  01-22  Purchase Orders 
  02-22  Internet Auctions 
  03-22  Appropriations 
  04-22  Then and Now Purchases 
Prior Year Resolutions  


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