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2015 Resolutions
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2015 Resolutions
Below is a list of 2015 board, commission, and committee resolutions. Digits to the left of the dash refer to the order in which the resolution was introduced, and digits to the right of the dash refer to the year in which the original resolution was acted on. All resolutions are original except where amendments are noted. Resolutions are listed by resolution number, with amended resolutions listed after the corresponding original resolution. Resolutions are amended after the original resolution is acted on, so the order below is not chronological by date. Prior year resolutions are included on this list only if amended or otherwise acted on in the current year. Resolutions are posted to this site once acted on at a meeting and signed, usually within a week to two weeks after the date of the meeting. Resolutions with exhibits are posted for those pertaining to fiscal matters (appropriations, purchase orders, etc.). Resolutions only (i.e., without exhibits) are posted for all other resolutions. Copies of all resolutions and exhibits are available Township Hall. See bottom of page for links to prior year legislation. 
2015 Board of Trustees Resolutions
17-99 As Amended  Zoning Resolutions (I (Industrial District)  
11-08 As Amended #2  Public Records Policy Amend Copy Charge 
40-12 As Amended #2  Samuel Steel Pickling Company Property (south of 1400 Enterprise) Purchase Agreement 
40-12 As Amended #3  Samuel Steel Pickling Company Property (south of 1400 Enterprise) Purchase Agreement
40-12 As Amended #4  Samuel Steel Pickling Company Property (south of 1400 Enterprise) Purchase Agreement  
119-14 As Amended  Malott Property (1561 Twinsburg) Purchase Agreement
01-15  Organizational 
01-15 As Amended  Organizational Suspend Cash-in-Lieu/Medicare Reimbursements 
01-15 As Amended #2  Organizational Modify Appointments
01-15 As Amended #3  Organizational Modify Appointments
01-15 As Amended #4  Organizational Modify Appointments
02-15  Recreation Center Program
03-15  Senior Center Program
04-15  Senior Transportation Program
05-15  Legal Services
06-15  Q1 Purchase Orders
06-15 As Amended  Q1 Purchase Orders Additional
06-15 As Amended #2  Q1 Purchase Orders Additional
07-15  Additional Appropriations (Supplementals - General)
08-15  Then and Now Purchase Orders
09-15  2014-2018 Independent Professional Auditing Services Memorandum of Agreement
10-15  Certify 1.95 Mill Police Levy (Additional)
11-15  Additional Appropriations (Supplementals - General, Bavaria, and Agency)
12-15  Then and Now Purchase Orders
13-15  Clean Ohio Trails Fund and/or Recreational Trails Program Grant Application
14-15  Project Orange Thumb Garden Grant Application
16-15  2066 Buchtel Emergency Abatement
17-15  Then and Now Purchase Orders
18-15  Additional Appropriations (Supplementals - General)
19-15  Additional Appropriations (Supplementals - General)
20-15  Then and Now Purchase Orders
21-15  Fund Transfers (General to Garbage; General to Police)
22-15  Then and Now Purchase Orders
23-15  Fund Transfer (General to Road and Bridge)
24-15  Community Garden Program
25-15  Additional Appropriations (Supplementals - Road and Bridge)
26-15  Q2 Purchase Orders
26-15 As Amended  Q2 Purchase Orders Additional
26-15 As Amended #2  Q2 Purchase Orders Additional 
26-15 As Amended #3  Q2 Purchase Orders Additional
25-15 As Amended #4  Q2 Purchase Orders Additional
27-15  Then and Now Purchase Orders
28-15  Fire/EMS Contract
29-15  Road Program
30-15  Permanent Appropriations 
31-15  Then and Now Purchase Orders 
32-15  Marwell Estates Allotment Road Reconstruction Project Ph I Construction Services
32-15  As Amended Marwell Estates Allotment Road Reconstruction Project Ph I Construction Services 
33-15  Moore Property ([no address] Cambridge and [no address] Oxford) Purchase Agreement
34-15  Fund Advance (General to Heights #9)
35-15  PNC Property (1935 Cambridge) Purchase Agreement
36-15  Additional Appropriations
37-15  Then and Now purchase Orders
38-15  Vision Insurance Renewal
39-15  Angyal Property (1928 Rugby) Purchase Agreement
40-15  Additional Appropriations (Supplementals - General and Marwell #1)
41-15  Then and Now Purchase Orders
42-15  Marquis Property (1930 Cambridge) Purchase Agreement
43-15  Delinquent Land Acquisition Selection
44-15  Additional Appropriations (Supplementals - General)
45-15  Then and Now Purchase Orders
46-15  Fund Transfers (General to Road & Bridge, Garbage, and Police)
47-15  Little India Property (Cambridge; Hadden; Oxford) Purchase Agreement
48-15  Then and Now Purchase Orders 
49-15  Summit County Property (2146 Oxford) Purchase Agreement
50-15  Additional Appropriations (Supplementals - General)
51-15  Natures Preserve Phase 3 Street Lighting Assessment District 
52-15  Additional Appropriations (Supplementals - General)  
53-15  Fund Transfers (General to Road & Bridge; General to Police)  
54-15  Q3 Purchase Orders
54-15 As Amended  Q3 Purchase Orders  
54-15 As Amended #2  Q3 Purchase Orders
54-15 As Amended #3  Q3 Purchase Orders 
55-15  Then and Now Purchase Orders  
56-15  Mailbox Replacement Policy  
57-15  Personnel Policy Amendments 
58-15  OPWC Grant Application - Marwell Phase 4
59-15  OPWC Grant Application - Enterprise Parkway
60-15  OPWC Grant Application - Hadden Road "A"
61-15  OPWC Grant Application - Hadden Road "B"
62-15  Enterprise Parkway County Engineer Review Request
63-15  Hadden Road "A" County Engineer Review Requset
64-15  Hadden Road "B" County Engineer Review Request
65-15  Firestone Federal Credit Union Property (1571 Twinsburg) Purchase Agreement 
66-15  Summit County Land Bank Matching Fund Grant Application 
67-15  Additional Appropriations (Supplementals - Gasoline Tax) 
68-15  Then and Now Purchase Orders 
69-15  Summit Kids Month Declaration
70-15  Additional Appropriations (Supplementals - General)
71-15  Then and Now Purchase Orders  
72-15  Miller Property (2146 Oxford) Purchase Agreement
73-15  Additional Appropriations (Supplementals - General)  
74-15  Then and Now Purchase Orders   
75-15  Rossi Property Play Equipment (Playworld Midstates)
76-15  Fund Transfers (General to Road and Bridge; General to Garbage)
77-15  Additional Appropriations (Supplementals - General) 
78-15  Then and Now Purchase Orders  
79-15  Special Assessments
80-15  Summit County Land Bank Matching Fund Grant Application
81-15  Additional Appropriations (Supplementals - General, MVL, R&B, Garb., Perm. MV, and Amb. & EMS)  
82-15  Q4 Purchase Orders
82-15 As Amended  Q4 Purchase Orders
82-15 As Amended #2  Q4 Purchase Orders
82-15 As Amended #3  Q4 Purchase Orders  
82-15 As Amended #4  Q4 Purchase Orders
82-15 As Amended #5  Q4 Purchase Orders  
83-15  Then and Now Purchase Orders
84-15  Habitat for Humanity Memorandum of Understanding  
85-15  Policies and Procedures Manual Vacation Cash-Out
86-15  Additional Appropriations (Supplementals - General Fund)
87-15  Then and Now Purchase Orders  
88-15  Delinquent Land Acquisition Selection
89-15  Additional Appropriations (Supplementals - General, Road and Bridge)
90-15  Then and Now Purchase Orders
91-15  Fund Transfers (General to Road and Bridge; General to Garbage)
92-15  2016 Accept Amount and Rates; Certify Necessary Tax Levies
93-15  2016 Advancement of Funds
94-15  Accept Tax Incentive Review Council Recommendations
95-15  2015-2016 Medical Insurance Policy 
96-15  1400 Enterprise Bond  
97-15  Additional Appropriations (Supplementals - General, Road and Bridge)  
98-15  Then and Now Purchase Orders  
99-15  Delinquent Land Acquisition Selection  
100-15  Taylored Services, LLC Property (7763 Myrna) Purchase Agreement
101-15  Additional Appropriations (Supplementals - General, Road and Bridge)  
102-15  Then and Now Purchase Orders  
103-15  Fund Transfers (General to Road and Bridge; General to Heights #9)  
104-15  Offer Health Benefits to Newly Elected Officials  
105-15  1992 Stanford Emergency Abatement 
106-15  Deutsche Bank Property (1915 Eton) Purchase Atreement  
107-15  Additional Appropriations (Supplemental - General) 
108-15  Then and Now Purchase Orders
109-15  Then and Now Purchase Orders  
110-15  Life Insurance Policy Renewal  
111-15  Dental Insurance Policy Renewal  
112-15  2016 Temporary Appropriations  
113-15  Babareka/Firem Property ([no address] Cambridge) Purchase Agreement  
114-15  KeyBank Property (1880 Marwell) Purchase Agreement  
115-15  Additional Appropriations (Supplementals - General)  
116-15  Then and Now Purchase Orders 
117-15  Thomas Property ([no address] Oxford) Purchase Agreement  
118-15  Brown Property ([no address] Stanford) Purchase Agreement  
119-15  Employee Compensation
120-15  Additional Appropriations (Supplementals - General); Township Manager Employment 
2015 Board of Zoning Appeals Resolutions
01-15  1477 Twinsburg Road Area Variance  
02-15  8584 Ravenna Road Variance  

2015 Joint Economic Development District Board of Directors Resolutions

03-14 As Amended  2015 Projects Modify JEDD Officer Cost
03-14 As Amended #2  2015 Projects Modify Costs  
01-15  2016 JEDD Budget  
02-15  2016 JEDD Projects  

2015 Twin-Keystone Water District Board of Trustees Resolutions

01-15  Purchase Orders
02-15  2013-2018 Independent Professional Auditing Services Memorandum of Agreement
03-15  Then and Now Purchase Orders
04-15  Then and Now Purchase Orders
05-15  Adjust District Water Service Surcharges
06-15  Appropriations Budget Amendment #1  
07-15  Purchase Orders 
08-15  2016 Revenue Budget  
09-15  2016 Appropriations Budget  
10-15  District Boundary Adjustment Agreement with City of Macedonia  
11-15  2016 Legal Services  
12-15  2016 Engineering Services
13-15  2016 Depository Agreement
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